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Profi University

"Profi University" - Think out of the box!

Established as a small educational center consisting of three rooms, "Profi Education" has now transformed into a specialized campus, expanding into the realm of schools and educational centers. In December 2021, the company reached a new milestone - establishing a university. Initially, the goal was to train personnel for the establishment of new schools and educational institutions. However, today the university's goal is not limited to this area but is aimed at raising national interests to a higher level.

After a year, the license of "Profi University" was renewed by the Ministry of Education's State Inspection for Supervision of Education Quality. Currently, the university is operating in two cities - Tashkent and Navoiy. It has also expanded its specialties with new fields. This marks a significant step towards achieving "Profi University's" ultimate goal.

The main goal of "Profi University" is to prepare graduates who can think critically in all directions through education, enriching their knowledge and competence to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Currently, the university has more than 6000 students. Admission to the university is based on an entrance exam.

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