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Who are we?

What started out as a small educational centre with three classrooms has evolved into a network of private kindergartens, schools and training centres. Now it is the turn of the university, and we have achieved this goal.

"Profi University is the first private university that has started its activities in the field of teacher management and education in our country. While Profi Education has the opportunity to develop further, to open more pre-schools and schools, but every time we open a new educational institution, we are faced with a shortage of staff.

There are very few good, experienced teachers, they all have their own jobs, and in order to free them from their routine work, we need to provide teachers with higher salaries and more comfortable conditions and opportunities. This is certainly good for the teacher, but it makes private tuition more expensive. As a result, most parents who want to educate their child in a public school cannot take advantage of private education.

Profi University currently has branches in Tashkent and Navoi.

There are currently more than 5,000 students studying at the university.

Profi University offers the following fields of study:

1. Uzbek language and literature
2. Banking and audit
3. economics
4. Accounting and audit
5. Tourism
6. Marketing
7. IT (Information Technology & Systems) 8.
8. Education management
9. Pre-school education
10. Primary education
11. Pedagogy-psychology
12. Russian language
13. English language

The university entrance is based on an examination in the form of a test.

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Assalom alaykum hammaga yaqinda unversitetimiz haqida yaxshi xabarlarni eshitib juda xursand bo'ldim.

Shadieva Ugiloy Muhammadkarim qizi


Assalamu alaykum, Mirzohid Norqobilov ajoyib ustoz, ilmga boy. Qaysi sohadan savol bersak, yuksak darajada javob beradilar uztoz! Ishlaringizga rivoj tilayman.

Hamroqulov Muhriddin Idiboyevich


Assalomu alaykum, hammaga, yaqinda universitetimiz haqida yaxshi xabarlarni eshitdim. Rossiya yangiliklarida "O'zbekistondagi eng ayxshi universitet" sifatida tan olinibdi.

Narziev Sardor Najmiddin


Our professionals

Xoshimov Nodirjon Ergash o'g'li

Rector of the Tashkent branch of Profi University

Mahmudova Oybarchin Axatovna

Pre-primary and primary education teacher

Shoumarova Zilola Abdushukurovna

Head of the training department

Nazarov Bahodir Amangeldiyevich

Advisor to the Rector

Allamuratova Aysanem Jalgasbayevna

Teacher of Russian language and literature

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